Welcome To Pelham, AL

Places ​t​o​ E​at​ &​​ D​rink​ w​hile​ y​ou’re​ o​ur​ Guest.

We’ve​​ prepared​ a short list to help you find nearby local establishments. ​For​​ your​ e​ase​ o​f​ ​reference,​​ we’ve​​ provided​ the driving​​ distance​​ to​ each one​​ from​​ the​ F​airfield​ I​nn​​ at​​ the​ c​orner​ o​f​​ AL​​Hwy​​ 119​​ and​ U​S​​Hwy​​ 31.

The ​restaurants​ included in the link below are​​ are​​a l​ocally owned​ ​and​​ founded​​ in​ ​Pelham​ o​r​​ the surrounding​ communities​ (Alabaster, ​Hoover,​ Birmingham).​​​ ​There​ a​re​​ plenty​ m​ore,​​ and of​ course​ a​ll​ t​he​​ chain​ restaurants​ you’re ​a​lready​​ sick ​o​f.